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How do you determine how much my dental cleaning will cost?

Your dental cleaning is based on 15 minute units of time and includes: oral homecare instruction and education, professional referrals, denture cleaning, lip balm and take home oral hygiene aids.

Fees are set based upon the service being provided and the skill and time required to perform.

Some individuals require 15 to 30 minutes of dental cleaning while others may require 45 minutes or more depending upon the number of teeth present, degree of disease, as well as the amount of plaque, build-up and stain.

A traditional dental office follows a fee guide established by the Ontario Dental Association (ODA). Unfortunately, this guide is not available on the ODA website. However, copies have been placed in the reference section of many public libraries so that members of the public can access this document.

An Independent Dental Hygienist follows a fee guide established by the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association (ODHA) which is less than a Dentist’s guide. This guide is accessible and transparent for your viewing at

Our fees at PURE Dental Hygiene Care are set below the Ontario Dental Hygienist’s fee guide to allow for increased accessibility.

We offer a complimentary 15 minute consult. You can meet your hygienist, tour the facility and receive a quote for services. Request appointment at PURE Dental Hygiene Care.

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