100% pure with no fillers or additives


Whether you choose our Wicked White HOME, or IN OFFICE PRO, our systems deliver results that are sure to make you smile!


Wicked White HOME

Advanced LED Professional Teeth Whitening Kit with our special photo initiator gel. Get great results in half the time with no sensitivity.



In-Office Pro

In just ONE office visit, you can leave with whiter teeth without the hassle of impressions or whitening trays or painful sensitivity. (44%) 

3 20 minute sessions



Whitening Pen

Touch-up whitening for "whitening on the go"


Wicked White is all about achieving a brighter smile without the sensitivity or painful costs associated with other high quality whitening systems on the market today.

After years of testing gels for efficacy, longevity, cost and composition,  only the finest ingredients are used and the neutral pH of the gel and pre-treatment liquid help to prevent dehydration, discomfort and are not harmful to the structural integrity of the teeth