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Fun Dental Fact

If you’ve been using floss daily, by the end of the year the total length will be the perimeter of a baseball diamond! Is your floss going to make it to home plate?

How can I improve my dental hygiene fast?


The easiest way to start seeing noticeable improvements in your dental hygiene is to brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes and floss at least once a day. We also recommend visiting us as soon as possible for a professional dental cleaning

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What foods stain your teeth most?

  • Tea and coffee

  • Red wine

  • Dark pop 

  • Fruit juice

  • Tomato-based sauces

  • Curry

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Do you offer "transparent dentistry"


Yes. We adopted transparent dentistry from day One.


We believe that it is the patients fundamental right to clearly understand dental hygiene procedures and their respective price tags – ensuring they will get exactly what they want at a price they can afford.

With no hidden fees or extra charges it has always been our ultimate goal to assure that each patient will be given an element of inclusiveness and control over his/her procedures, treatment options and associated costs

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What are tips for proper brushing of your teeth?

Child Brushing Teeth 2
  • Brush for 2 minutes per session

  • Use a soft-bristled toothbrush

  • Replace your toothbrush every 3 months

  • Keep your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle relative to your teeth 

  • Brush in a circular motion (not back and forth)

  • And don’t forget to floss, too!

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Is mouthwash good to use?

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

​Mouthwash can help reduce the bacteria in your mouth, which reduces the amount of dental plaque that forms. However, everyday use is not the right choice for everyone. Additionally, mouthwash should never replace brushing and flossing. Talk to us about whether or not using mouthwash is in your best interest. If so, we can recommend the right mouthwash to fit your specific needs and keep your mouth healthy.

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Which is better? A manual or electric toothbrush?


Brushing your teeth is key to good oral care and preventing teeth and gum problems.

According to the CDA (Canadian Dental Association), both manual and electric toothbrushes are great at removing oral plaque that causes periodontal disease and tooth decay.

However, they each have their pros and cons. The CDA approves the use of any toothbrush, whether manual or electric as long as it’s effective and safe. 

When you visit, we will discuss with you  which brush would provide you the most benefit.  

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