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Insured and non-insured patients welcome!

Paying for dental hygiene care should be simple and stress-free.


At PURE Dental Hygiene Care it is. We serve people of all financial backgrounds and are committed to helping you navigate any obstacles that may keep you from achieving optimal dental health.  

Concerned about the cost of treatment? Questions about your insurance or payment options? Please give us a call at

705 775-2532

How are fees determined?



  • Based upon service being provided and skill and time required to perform

  • Some individuals require 15 to 30 minutes of dental cleaning while others may require 45 minutes or more depending upon number of teeth present, degree of disease, amount of plaque, build-up and stain.

Professional Cleaning

Based on 15 minute units of time and includes: oral home care instruction and education, professional referrals, denture cleaning, lip balm and take home oral hygiene aids.


7.5 minutes  (1/2 unit)........$25.00 

15 minutes   (1 unit).............$50.00

30 minutes   (2 units)...........$100.00

45 minutes   (3 units)...........$150.00

60 minutes   (4 units)...........$200.00

Teeth Whitening

Visit teeth whitening for procedures and pricing 

Stain Removal

Fees determined by length of time required for service which can be affected by number of teeth present, stain and plaque accumulation and how easily the stain can be removed.

7.5 minutes.......$16.00

15 minutes........$32.00

Fluoride Treatment

Paint on or trays........$25.00

Accepted Payment Types

We accept most forms of payment



Credit Card

Dental Insurance

Committed to helping you navigate any obstacles that may keep you from achieving optimal dental health.  


Our fee guide established by the Ontario Dental Hygienists Association (ODHA) is less than a Dentist’s guide. It is is accessible and transparent for your viewing. (odha fee guide).

Our fees at PURE Dental Hygiene Care are set below the Ontario Dental Hygienist’s fee guide to allow for increased accessibility

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