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Painless and Easy! 

An oral collection system that identifies the major

pathogens that drive the devlopment of cavities, bone loss, implant failures and bad breath!

Why OraVital

Here's How It Works

1. BiofilmDNA™ is a whole-mouth biofilm sampling technique that collects specimens under and above your gums, saliva, tongue and throat. It uses the most advanced qPCR technology to identify the exact species and number of bacteria in the sample


2. BiofilmGS™ (Gram stain) is a site specific (6 sites) biofilm test whereby the dental clinician will swab the teeth, tongue and throat to capture biofilm samples and places them on separate sections of a glass microscope slide. The slide is sent to the OraVital microbiology lab for the types and number of bacteria, as well as yeast, parasites and white blood cells, which can indicate the presence of oral infections. After viewing the samples, the lab’s trained microbiologists send a detailed report to your dental care provider. 


The reports include information about the types and concentration of microorganisms and recommend an antibiotic rinse targeting those bacteria present. OraVital Certified Clinicians use these reports to select the most effective antibiotic rinse to restore the balance of healthy microorganisms in your mouth.


Where can I get OraVital treatment for gum disease, halitosis, and oral infections?

OraVital Certified Clinics are carefully selected, dental hygiene or dental care practices that have special OraVital equipment and extensive training. 

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