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Is charcoal whitening safe?

A recent DIY whitening trend has surfaced which involves smearing a charcoal-derived black mixture on the teeth.

The charcoal mixture is highly absorbent and supposedly absorbs bacteria, toxins and staining from the teeth leading to a whiter appearance.

This cosmetic result may benefit some users BUT the long term effect may harm the teeth of other individuals. There is not enough evidence/studies available to determine its effectiveness or long term effects. The Canadian/American Dental Associations have currently not evaluated or approved charcoal teeth whitening products and the practice is concerning because of its unknown abrasiveness.

Teeth do not regrow/replenish/heal themselves. Once tooth structure has disappeared it will never return. It is gone forever! Users and oral health care providers don’t know how severe the charcoal supplement may be, so it may leave teeth stained or blotchy. The trendy product may also leave tooth enamel susceptible to deterioration and erosion, which can lead to sensitivity and cavities.

To avoid these risks, it is recommended clients who are interested in whitening their teeth consider a formally tested dental procedure or at-home whitening trays provided by their oral health care provider.

Contact us and we can discuss safe and effective whitening procedures that will suit your choices, lifestyle and pocketbook!

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