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Dental hygiene re-care appointments occur more frequently in comparison to other health care professions. With appointments commonly occurring every six months or sooner, the hygienist at PURE Dental Hygiene Care is in the perfect position to not only closely monitor your oral health, but observe and intervene when appropriate in other aspects of your overall health.

Routine appointments may include investigation into your medication regimen and medical history, consideration of the status of systemic conditions, and tracking changes and consistency of vital signs – notably blood pressure, among other observations during the time spent with you during your appointment. At these re-care intervals, the hygienist is also presented the opportunity to offer guidance and possible referrals in other areas of health. For example, nutritional counselling and encouraging smoking cessation.

We have an established and trusted referral network that includes but is not limited to:

  • Dentists/biological dentists

  • Periodontists/Endodontists/Orthodontists

  • Medical doctors/nurse practitioners/Nutritionists

  • Naturopaths, osteopaths/physiotherapists


At your dental hygiene appointment, an assessment of the teeth, gums and all the tissues in the mouth will be done.

  • If any concerns are observed we will discuss them with you and can offer a referral to a dentist within our network or work with your existing dentist

  • We will send a treatment report to the dentist requesting they contact you to arrange for an appointment or you can call them to arrange at your convenience

  • We suggest you visit a dentist every 12 months. This schedule can be longer or shorter depending upon your individualized needs/preferences

  • Depending on the concern, you may be referred to either a general Dentist, Denturist or a dental specialist ie: Orthodontist, Periodontist.

  • We can also offer referrals to other health care professionals depending upon your unique needs/desires ie: naturopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor, biological dentist, doctor/NP.

Working together is an important aspect of meeting all of your oral health needs.

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