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Prevention is better than cure!

A bright and healthy smile can certainly be a confidence booster!

But, a dental hygiene appointment is not only about cleaning teeth---it really is a case of prevention is better than cure. This is a clinical appointment which includes checking for oral health issues as well as cleaning those areas below the gum-line which your toothbrush is unable to reach properly. Dental Hygiene is a preventative treatment that can help keep infections at bay such as periodontitis and gingivitis which can complicate certain health problems.

While gum disease can cause significant damage to your gums and teeth the good news is that with good oral healthcare routines, it can usually be slowed down and even stopped. The earlier you gain control the better--- as the bone supporting your teeth is precious – once lost it’s almost impossible to replace. In addition, when more destruction has occurred and more time the disease has been allowed to progress, the more time and effort you’ll need to spend to prevent it advancing further. So don’t delay your recovery.

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