New Client Assessments


This is a great way to begin our positive and lasting relationship! 


We will perform a full assessment of your teeth, gums, oral soft tissues as well as your head and neck area and jaw joint. This includes a thorough tactile, visual 6-point screening for oral cancer.  


We will assess your dental, medical history and risk factors and discuss how your medications and diagnosed medical conditions may affect your oral and general health. After your assessment is complete we will work together to customize a treatment plan that suits your choices and lifestyle. 

Natural Option 


Today, we can do better dentistry in a less toxic, more individualized, more environmentally friendly way than ever.

Biological dentistry is a thought process, an attitude and a guide for making informed choices regarding your dental care. If you choose, we can offer natural products during your dental hygiene care treatment, a referral to a biological dentist as well  as alternatives to fluoride and home care products.                          


AT PURE Dental Hygiene Care we believe in authentical connections.


Each health care provider functions as an equal player with each other--- and with the client---to identify and address their unique needs. We offer referrals to dentists, doctors, specialists as well as alternative health care providers.

Denture Cleaning

A clean denture will look better and provide for an overall cleaner oral cavity.

We will professionally clean and deodorize your denture when you visit and can discuss how to properly clean and care for it at home.

 Professional Dental Cleaning

Good oral hygiene and oral health results in better overall health and well- being.  The phrase "healthy mouth, healthy you" really is true and is backed by  growing scientific evidence!

We provide therapeutic dental cleanings using hand scalers and/or water scalers to remove hard and soft build-up from above and below the gum lines.  (Fees for services)

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Stain Removal 


Using a combination of hand and/or water instruments as well as traditional dental polishing paste we can remove most staining above your gum lines. If you choose, we can offer a natural , fluoride free polishing paste.

We can discuss what causes discoloration and offer some at home solutions that may minimize staining between appointments.

Oral Cancer Screening

Screening for oral cancer is quick and easy, with no pain or discomfort involved. It’s critical for early diagnosis and prevention.


Your screening will be performed at every dental hygiene appointment. It includes a thorough tactile, visual

6 point screening for oral cancer. If an abnormality is noted you will be referred to the appropriate health care provider for further investigation.

Fluoride Treatment 

We offer tray fluoride treatments and paint on varnishes to help protect your teeth from decay and sensitivity.

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