First Visit Expectations

Your first visit is not only about the dental hygienist (Angela) getting to know you but also about you getting to know her.

Her goal is to treat each visitor to the office with kindness and concern.  Angela wants to give the best possible dental hygiene care to our local community.  She trusts that you will feel comfortable as you come in the front door.

We value your time. In order to give you the quickest and most efficient service, please take the time to complete the patient forms and fill them out before your appointment. You may bring them with you at the time of your appointment or electronically fill in and submit online. 

Alternatively, we can complete together on the day you arrive if you are not computer friendly but please consider arriving 15 minutes before your appointment time. 

Finally, Angela wants you to know she will go above and beyond to make you feel relaxed and safe. Not only is your physical comfort important to her, but your emotional well-being is, too.

Complete On-line & Submit: 

Medical & Dental History (required)

X-ray Request Form 

(for  sharing of dental records and x-rays)

Notice of Privacy (information purposes only)



We ask that you arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for your first appointment. This will give you time to complete paperwork and fill out health history information. Bring your most current insurance information and a list of your medicines and their dosages.

You can also fill out your information on line and submit it prior to your initial visit.

(see links above)

Then you will be set to go when you arrive!

Meet Your Dental Hygienist

Angela, the hygienist at PURE Dental Hygiene Care, will meet you at the front entrance and take you back to her treatment room. You can know that you are in good hands. 


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Initial Dental Hygiene Exam

Your hygienist will review your medical history, including recent health diagnosis. She will discuss medications (including supplements) which may affect your oral health. Please discuss oral concerns and pains with her at this time. 

She will examine your teeth and gums, perform a non-invasive oral cancer check and chart existing restorations. She will request x-rays or review current x-rays from your dentist's office. Release form.

Angela will then proceed with a periodontal and tissue exam. This will include taking measurements of your gingiva in relation to bone and checking your gums for bleeding. She will note any abnormalities in tissue appearance.

Referral to a dentist or health care provider will be provided if needed or requested. She will send a treatment report to your existing dentist (if you choose) to ensure continuity of care. 


Teeth Cleaning

The hygienist at PURE Dental Hygiene Care loves to clean teeth! She knows that the removal of calculus and plaque is vital for healthy teeth and gums. The dreaded scraping sound is music to her ears!

You should be aware that your teeth are being professionally cleaned rather than just brushed.  You should not leave a dental office commenting, “That felt just like it did when I brushed myself.” 

Hygienists are trained to go under the gum to remove tartar that you cannot see. It would be impossible to remove this with a brush at home.

Next comes the funnest part of your cleaning: selection of a prophy paste flavor and soothing natural lip balms! Its a Baskin Robbins of flavors--your choice!

Your hygienist will polish over each tooth using your favorite flavor. This is important as it helps with stain removal. You will get that wonderful slick and clean feeling that we all love.

After polishing, the hygienist will make recommendations in oral hygiene. She will offer ways to help you improve your home care. Truthfully, hygienists enjoy scraping hard materials from teeth but they love keeping teeth and gums healthy. Their goal is to get each patient’s mouth to top health. 

Your Happy Hygiene Visit

Angela wants you to leave with a nice goody bag and a big smile!


She will give you a  top quality new toothbrush and a between the teeth cleaning aid of your choice as you leave. Patients love our natural chap sticks and choosing their favorite flavour!

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Your Dental Home

Your experience and care at PURE Dental Hygiene Care will hopefully change your mind about not liking dental hygiene care and erase any fear or anxiety that has bothered you in the past.

Angela treats patients like family and loves to welcome multiple generations from the same patient families. 

PURE Dental Hygiene Care  is designed to feel comfortable, peaceful but highly professional